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Nick Garcia & Cecilia Bach-Ngyuen

High school, though unarguably stressful, is a time where we come into our own- where we discover what we care about and what we want to do with our lives. As Cam High has a diverse student body of diverse passions and interests,  our staff wants to invite you to express that idea for yourself, and what your own passions and the passions of your peers mean to you- in our first ever multi-media competition, with the theme, “What is Our Generation’s Legacy?”

Categories for the competition will include:

  • Writing (500-1000 words, can include opinion writing, poetry, essay-style, etc.)
  • Art (can include painting, drawing, cartooning, sculpting, etc.)
  • Photography & Videography

*with photography and art pieces, please submit a few paragraphs explaining the meaning of your work as it pertains to the theme, and what the theme means to you

First, second and third place winners will be chosen in each category along with first, second and third place overall prize winners. Winners will receive gift card prizes, a certificate, and will be published on achsstinger.com. All submissions, along with questions and concerns should be sent to [email protected].

The deadline for all submissions is May 19, and winners will be announced via Cam High Connect the following week.

Good luck, our staff is excited to see your submissions!