Homecoming Styles Featured in Fashion Show

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Music and cheering filled the quad last Friday, as several pairs of students strutted down the stage for this year’s annual homecoming fashion show.

The show started off with a homecoming proposal by the first couple. Each pair then walked down the red carpet aisle set up in the center of the stage, usually followed by a handshake or spin, as well as screams from friends of the models. Senior Melissa Wasylewski modeled for the show with friend Nick Garcia, who she’s known since freshman year. Garcia is the Stinger’s photography editor. “I was nervous that I would trip on the catwalk or something, but it was really fun to walk and do a fun handshake at the end of the catwalk with Nick. I’m glad I got to do it with one of my best friends,” she said.

The event is held to inspire homecoming looks and get Cam High students excited for homecoming, according to senior and ASB member Annika Degenna, who was in charge of planning the show. “The goal of the fashion show is to give people ideas of what to potentially wear to homecoming,” she said. “It’s just fun for the students, because it’s something for everyone to watch and people to participate in.”

ASB members tried to choose a a group of diverse group of models who would also have fun. “We wanted to make a diverse group, and really it was just whoever wanted to and whoever [we] thought would have fun with it,” said Degenna, who was in charge of coordinating the fashion show. “There was really no tough process, it was whoever wanted to [participate].”

Those involved in the planning of the show were responsible for devising the logistics of the clothing. David’s Bridal provided both the girls’ dresses and boys’ suits. “We had to have [the student models] go try on the dresses, then tell the store the colors, then arrange to get them picked up, and to bring them back,” said Degenna. 

The dresses in the fashion show were all floor-length, something more common for formal events such as prom. “The dresses were nice, but I don’t think anyone is going to wear long dresses [for Homecoming] like the ones in the show,” said senior Shing Ou after seeing the formal wear that was on display.

“I’m probably not going to get a long dress, [but] the style [of the dresses] was really pretty” said freshman Lauren Myers, who also prefers a shorter style dress for homecoming. 

The show succeeded in helping students get exicted for homecoming, according to freshman Madison Bush. “[The fashion show] definitely pumped me up for homecoming, especially the red carpet and everything,” she said.

“I was already excited for homecoming, but now I’m even more excited,” said Hedi Zappacosta, junior.