Senior class president named ‘Youth of the Year’


Cam High student Robert ‘Bobby’ Stern was announced Youth of the Year by the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce on Friday, March 4.

The annual ceremony took place at the Padre Serra Parish Center at 6 P.M., where the Chamber of Commerce honored 12 recipients with various other awards, including ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ and ‘Woman of the Year’.

Stern was unaware of his nomination for the award prior to receiving a phone call. “I was pretty surprised, because I know a lot of other people in the community who deserve the award, but I was also happy that all my work’s been worth it, and I’ve gotten recognition for it,” said Stern.

Stern has served as his ASB (Associated Student Body) class president since freshman year and is the chair of the student site council. While also organizing various school activities, such as prom and Camchella, he also volunteers for various clubs at school. “I do a lot for National Honor Society and California Scholarship Federation,” said Stern. “I do things like help tutor fellow students in lower level math classes.”

In addition to tutoring, Stern also organizes and participates in various trash cleanups, such as the Wildwood Park trash clean-up that he organized last year.

English teacher and ASB adviser Ms. Lori Pristera commended Stern for his volunteer work. “He does many things outside of school that people don’t know about because he doesn’t talk about them, and I think that makes him very worthy of the title,” said Pristera. “I know what he does outside of school and in the community, and not very many people do, and I think that it’s important that he be recognized for his altruism.”

Due to his parents involvement in the business world, Stern has been influenced to pursue a career along the same lines. “I’m going to a four-year university,” said Stern. “I’m not exactly sure which one yet, but I plan on majoring in business.