College decisions finalized for many


Photo by: Paul Feric

Banners fly in the College and Career Center representing colleges from across the country.

With a graduation rapidly approaching, several Cam High seniors are experiencing higher levels of nerves, stress, and excitement. A main stressor for many remains the college of their attendance.

College bound students have the choice of attending either a four-year university or a community college. Applicants to the former received their admission decisions on a rolling basis from early February to late March.

Future community college student and Cam High senior Brandon Barroso said that he is excited for school in the fall. “I finally get to focus more on classes that peak my interest and are different from the typical high school setting,” said Barroso. “I’m going to attempt to double major in English and game design, once I leave community college. However, if having a double major begins to become too much, I’ll focus on game design.”

Various factors affect seniors’ decisions, including the school’s financial cost, academic reputation, and distance from home.

Ashley Fontanille applied to UC Davis, San Francisco State University, CSU Long Beach, UC Santa Barbara, Texas Christian University, and Pepperdine University. Out of all these she has been accepted to UC Davis, San Francisco State University, CSU Long Beach, and Pepperdine University.

“I’m happy! I’m fine with how it’s going so far and think that I’ll end up at the right place,” she said. Fontanille has recently committed to UC Davis.

Senior Kayla Kotake has been accepted to Arizona State, University of Arizona, Washington State, UC Irvine, California State University Long Beach, and San Diego State University. She hopes to specialize in pediatrics. “I think working with kids is pretty cool. I like that they’re more candid and less structured than adults. As a pediatric psychical therapist I would predominantly work with kids with Down Syndrome and autism, so I think most of the therapy would be through methods of play.”

Kotake recently commited to San Diego State University. “I really liked the campus vibe. I just felt that it was right when I went to visit. They have my major and the post grad school that I want.”

Hunter Hidalgo was accepted to Cornell University, an Ivy League institution. “I applied to Cornell because it is in New York, where I’m from originally and where I lived for 12 years. It has a good pre-med program as a well as a medical school.”

“I’m excited in general about going to college and being done with high school,” said Hidalgo. All of the colleges I applied to have study abroad programs that I hope to take advantage of, as I love to travel. College is just an experience that is generally exciting and I’m curious to see how it is firsthand.”

Zachary Caipang will attend California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.

“I’m really going to miss my friends from high school and before, but college serves as an opportunity to start anew and meet new people,” he said.”The added independence in life is also definitely a desirable thing to think about. Although paying rent and bills aren’t sexy at all, it definitely prepares you for the world and shapes you into a smarter person.”