Cam High welcomes future freshmen


Photo by: Serena Sotelo

Mrs. Thee’s freshman Earth Science class is one of a number of core classes introduced to incoming freshman on orientation night.

Cam High teachers along with potential Cam High freshman and their parents assembled on campus for Freshman Parent Nights, which took place on the evenings of Thursday Feb 25 and Monday Feb 29.

Parents met in the gym where they were given papers detailing their children’s future classes, along with others depicting various club and sport opportunities they could join. The night started off with the administrators introducing themselves along with the counselors, coaches, and some teachers, each discussing their roles and sharing their advice for the students.

There were several different informational tables lined up inside of the gym and the main hallway for parents and kids to visit, including subject categories like Foreign Language, Sports, Math, English, and PTSA, in addition to several on campus clubs, sports and programs. Meanwhile, counselors spoke to students and parents in the cafeteria about Cam High and counseling information.

“Tonight we helped many parents and kids learn about our program,” said Logan Villalobos, current freshman and marching band member who was running one of the the program booths. “I believe we did a good job making the point across on what will help.”

Parents were able to walk around the campus and visit different classrooms, where staff spoke about the school and what things would benefit the incoming freshmen.

“It is very important for parents to stay connected with their students and the school,” said Kim Dawson, PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) member. “Our motto is ‘don’t be scared, be prepared’, and I think that’s the idea every family should go by when entering a new school and a new environment.”