New Schedule for Scorpion Showcase Highlighted


Parents lined up along the bleachers for Scorpion Showcase.

Parents, teachers, students, and friends gathered Monday night for Cam High’s 60th anniversary and Scorpion Showcase, formerly known as Open House.

Unlike previous years, ‘Scorpion Showcase’ had no bell schedule for parents to follow. Senior Katelyn Thomas sang the National Anthem to kick off the event in the gym at 6 p.m. followed by a performance from Cam High’s new Song Team, who sang in last month’s National Football League Pro-Bowl in Hawaii.

The night also featured a taco truck from Martinez catering and a silent auction for gift baskets, organized by various Cam High clubs, including the Class of 2017 class cabinet. “We didn’t have a bell a schedule so parents were able to go from class to class at will. I think it was better because it wasn’t so structured. The fact that we had a taco truck and mariachi band was really nice,” said Mrs. Linda Westbrook, administrative assistant at Cam High.

Parents were first greeted in the gym with performances by Cam High’s Jazz and Mariachi Bands, as well as the school’s cheer, song, and dance programs. Cam High senior, Katelyn Thomas, also performed the national anthem. “I think [our performance] went really well. We all pulled through, and everyone had a lot of energy,” said junior and mariachi band member Kyla Flanagan.

“It was fun, I got to perform and play with friends,” said junior and band member Gabriel Johnson. “[My parents] enjoyed the show. We played more than we did in past years.”

Scorpion Showcase is a day where parents have the opportunity to meet their student’s teachers. They get to see what teachers expect, like or dislike, and get to know a little bit about them. It is a time for parents and teachers to connect and evaluate their student’s progress.

Mrs. Christine Lawler, English teacher, said that she looked forward to discussing future projects with parents. “I’ve always had good experiences and haven’t had any trouble with parents, the most trouble is when parents ask about grades,” she said. Most teachers have said that discussing an individual student’s grades is difficult when so many other parents are around looking for information.

Many teachers hosted various interactive activities, including Mr. Scott Martin, Science teacher, who had parents conduct an owl pellet dissection in his room, as well as art projects held in the Little Scorps pre-school classroom, hosted by Mrs. Ida Lange. The cafeteria also offered several food samples, including oranges from Mrs. Nelson.

The annual event was principal Dr. Kim Stephenson’s first as principal and she spoke to parents in the gym introducing various performers and speakers along with members of Cam High’s PTSA organization.

“I  enjoy open house because I often get to see my former students,” said floristry teacher Mr. Bruce Ritchey.

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