Student artwork raises funds for scholarships


Annual holiday art boutique hosted by Mrs. Bonnie Mills and the Gallery Club.

Juniors and seniors in Cam High’s Gallery Club hosted the fifth annual Holiday Boutique in Mrs. Bonnie Mills’ classroom, C-1, presenting and selling various pieces of student-made artwork.

The boutique ran from Dec. 14 to Dec. 18, with all proceeds going towards scholarships for student planning to pursue a career in various arts.

“We have everything from wreaths to jewelry to hand painted signs,” said Hannah Harris, senior and president of Gallery Club.

All of the creations were hand-made by eight to ten different dedicated students at lunch time, after school, and at Saturday workshops. “The boutique is Gallery Club’s major focus and consists of mostly AP art students,” said Mills.

Gallery Club is an arts club on campus, devoted to supporting fine arts scholarships. “[Gallery club] also serves to create a place for artists to belong and find people with similar interests,” said Jackie Vandermay, junior.

Harris considers art to be an essential part of preserving our culture and believes the scholarship will help students in this endeavor. “The scholarship is a small part of working towards our greater goal, which is to help a young artist home in on their interests and encourage them to entertain the idea of pursuing a job in the field in art.”

The money raised in the boutique will be split between select seniors in the AP art program. To qualify for scholarship money, the students must be from the AP studio art class and also must write an essay about their plans to continue the arts in the future.

Mills said that she hopes to raise close to $2,000 at the boutique this year. According to her, they have come close to reaching that number or have exceeded it in the past few years of having a holiday boutique.