A Distinguished Gathering


Photo by: Sophia Cheong

Students enjoy the African Dance and Drum Troupe during the 2nd period Distinguished Student Assembly by either watching or participating.

Cam High students and staff were greeted by tribal-clad performers earlier this week to commemorate distinguished students’ academic achievements.

From leather skin drums and shouts to fast-paced footwork, the African Dance and Drum Troupe performers did everything their name implied. Distinguished Scorps who attended the assembly during second period on Tuesday, received entertainment and new found knowledge about both African history and culture.

Many of the Distinguished Scorps who decided to attend this event seemed to enjoy the traditionally dressed African ensemble and their performance. “I thought it was a very interesting performance and it was fun to watch,” said Joel Flores, senior.

Students had a chance to participate in the performance by either answering various questions about African culture and geography, or dancing along with other Scorps to the traditional drum beat.

The African Dance and Drum Troupe taught students about various aspects of Africa and its culture; from distinguishing it as a continent and not a country to informing students about the numerous languages spoken within its regions. “I really enjoyed learning an African Dance,” said Jared Angcanan, senior who participated in the performance.

Though most audience members expressed their enjoyment over the various dances, jokes, and bits of information supplied by the performers, a few students found the assembly to be less than enjoyable. “[It was] boring because they had the same agenda from the last year,” said Joseph Kim, senior. “For it to be fun, you had to participate.”

Despite a few misgivings about the event, the troupe provided much entertainment for Distinguished Scorps during the assembly.