Smacking the Snacks


Photo by: Rhiannan Ruef

Cam High’s vending machines feature new and healthier products.

A variety of snacks was added to the vending machines for the 2014-2015 school year at Cam High, after the Oxnard Union High School District decided to make a healthier change in the school environment.

Many popular snacks, including Munchies and Cheez-Its, were completely removed from all machines around campus because they did not meet certain health requirements.

With the new snacks added, students can now choose between healthier eats such as Oven Baked Cheetos, Nutri·Grain Bars, Trail Mix and Clif ZBars. Students still have the choice of having sweet or salty snacks like Cheetos Puffs, Cheetos Fantastix, and Pop-Tarts.

Some students were not happy with the changes, particularly the newly packaged Pop Tarts that now are only sold one Pop-Tart per package instead of two as in the past. The price of the package was only reduced by $0.25, which is only 20% lower than the original for 50% less snacking material.

Patricia Duran, junior, said that Pop-Tarts were her favorite snack in the vending machines and she’s disappointed that the school now only includes one. “It’s supposed to be healthier but I’m kind of angry,” she said. “The least they [could have done] is lower the price [more].”

Natalie Sheehan, sophomore, was outraged that one of her favorite snacks, Cheetos Munchies, were completely removed from the school. “It’s the most absurd thing ever,” said Sheehan.

Some seniors in particular are not amused with the new “healthy” change. Janna Lopez, senior, said that she misses the old snacks from her previous years at Cam High. “They need to bring back the good snacks when there were Munchies and ice cream in the vending machines.”

Unlike students, some teachers feel that new and healthier snacks are just what the school needs.

Mrs. Claudia Grafenstein, Physical Education teacher, thinks that the new and healthier snacks help students get the nutrients they need for a full day at school.

“I think it’s excellent. I don’t think any teacher, whether it’s PE, math, or art would think that that’s something negative. When you’re getting healthier snacks, you’re going to be getting more protein and better carbs instead of that refined sugar,” she said.

Grafenstein also said that student anger toward the healthier snacks is something they will get used to.

“I don’t think that [students] understand. If you gave them the information they needed about every item in [the vending machines] and what they did to their bodies they wouldn’t be so upset,” said Grafenstein. “Change is different for everybody.”