Science Sings


Photo by: Rhiannan Ruef

Mr. Tanner’s AP Chemistry class sings songs of solubility for extra credit points

From beakers and test tubes to impromptu choirs, Cam High AP Chemistry students put down their notes and sang a calculated tune for all of Cam High to hear during lunch on Thursday.

Fifty-four AP Chemistry students came out in droves on Thursday, September 25,  to celebrate their love of science by singing, in unison, The Rules of Solubility The song, conducted on-stage in the quad, was completely student run and organized. The idea behind singing the song was to highlight and show their passion for the scientific arts at Cam High.

“I don’t know anything about this,” said Mr. Bill Tanner, AP Chemistry teacher, when asked about the musical ensemble, “This is a student run event.”

Fellow science instructor Ms. Shannon Klemann, AP Biology teacher, answered that she enjoyed this motley crew of scientists-to-be and their song. “It’s beautiful,” she said.

Many Cam High Scorps were confused by the sudden appearance of white lab coat-clad students filing onto the stage, but were ultimately satisfied with the ensuing song. “It was a bit monotone,” said Elson Josue, junior, when asked about the singing itself, “I would give it a five out of ten.”

However, criticism from their peers did not diminish the enthusiasm of the would-be chemists. “I am singing the beautiful ode to the ‘Rules of Solubility’ for Mr. Tanner’s beloved class,” said junior Connor Hernandez, who participated in the choir.

Tanner said the song itself  was designed to help students remember The Rules of Solubility for both his class and the AP Chemistry Exams.

“Instead of memorizing boring rules, it helps to get into the song and the flow,” said Tiara Sivells, junior and AP Chemistry student.

Answers varied from singer to singer as to why they decided to perform on Thursday; however, the general consensus was for promises of “extra credit.” Each student was promised and rewarded ten points of extra credit for “ridiculing themselves in front of their classmates,” according to Tanner.

“I sold my soul to AP Chem,” said Arielle Mendoza, junior.