Opinion: Cam High Students Need a New Dress Code


Photo by: Rhiannan Ruef

Many popular fashion trends in this hot season are questionable in terms of their school appropriateness, including these high heels left at the lost and found.

With the scorching heat and rising temperatures at Cam High, the lengths of skirts, shorts, and even tops are shrinking.

Beach wear seems to be the school uniform these days. Sundresses that barely cover the backside, bandeaus under sheer tops, and “booty shorts” seem to be in season all year round. This over-exposure of skin is simply not suited for school. At school, there should be enforced regulations for what is appropriate to wear and what is not. Shorts, for example, should definitely not show “cheekies” no matter how cute people may think they are.

School is a workplace, not just for the teachers and staff, but students as well. Though some people feel perfectly comfortable showing off their bodies, it certainly makes others uncomfortable and/or distracted. Whether or not racy clothing is a distraction is only half the point. All students bare a responsibility, not only to others, but to themselves to dress modestly in a professional environment.

So, just what is appropriate? First, shorts, skirts and dresses should probably cover your bottom by a good two inches. More importantly, female undergarments should not be visible through sheer shirts or out of low-backed dresses.

Appropriate guidelines should be put in place for male dress code as well, for girls are definitely not the only ones with clothing problems. Tank tops with the whole side cut out not only expose too much torso, but provide peers with the wondrous smells of body odor. Sagging pants have been a fad for ages, but showing boxers is, again, inappropriate in a professional setting. Slacks or loose-fitting jeans that can be worn with a belt are more germane if comfort is priority.

Regardless of gender, school is a place where clothes should be relevant to what one is doing.  School is a full-time job and should be treated as such. The way one presents oneself, aesthetically or through personality,  is a reflection of mental disposition. Risque attire truly takes away from the real focus of school: work. Professionalism in school goes hand in hand with the appropriate ensemble.

When I say “professional” outfit, I am not referring to a suit-and-tie with a briefcase. “Business-casual” is a style of dress that would be appropriate for school. Slacks, non-holey jeans, and bermuda shorts are fine for both genders, and skirts and dresses of modest lengths for females specifically would be a nice change.

If these standards could be applied, to students and staff alike, Cam High could become a more productive, academic, and professional environment. Every person at school has jobs to do and should be able to carry them out to the best of their abilities with the best possible attitude towards it. Dress professional, act professional, and one will be professional.