Air Ball?

Cam High staff defeated the seniors 81-71 in a student vs. staff basketball game to raise money for the girls basketball team.

Attendance at the event, however, was very low, with enough people to fill half a bleacher in the gym at Cam High.

The staff dominated the students, never letting them close the gap and keeping them down by eight for the majority of the game.

A DJ from Q104.7 announced and played music to keep the 50 attendants energetic.

Rory Macneill, senior, said, “The loss wasn’t devastating. We could have executed the plays better. Overall, the players played well, the staff just played better.”

Cameron Torti, long-term substitute teacher for Brett Ropes, social science teacher, said, “It was a really good time. It was definitely a good chance to blow off some steam at the end of the year. If I can come back to teach I would love to play next year.”

“The staff just got lucky. A lot of our key players were out because of injuries. I won’t disclose their names,” said Davis Keairns, senior.

“You know, we gave it our best. It was a lot of fun and I’m glad I did it. Overall, it was for a great cause and that’s what matters,” said Spencer White.

Angel Hamilton, senior, said,”We tried our best, but I don’t think the students were used to playing with each other.”