Four’s the Charm!


Drama department cast members prepare for their fourth production of the year. This marks the first time the department has ever staged four shows in one year.

Cam High’s Drama Department might as well be the star ship Enterprise this year because they are boldly going where no class has gone before compared to conventional drama class routines.

The school’s sixth period thespians who hail from Room D2 will be putting on not two, not three, but four shows all in four nights this week on May 28, 29, 30, and 31. Three of the four plays will be student-directed by four student directors with the fourth play being directed by Mr. Richard Winterstein, head of the drama department.

Alice in Wonderland will be directed by Christine Ibrahim, senior. “I’m really stoked that I was able to land this play. I think a lot of people love Lewis Carroll’s work as an author and it’s really cool to have weird characters that most people are familiar with,” she said. Ibrahim commented that students who have seen and are familiar with the traditional Alice in Wonderland will see something that they have never quite seen before.

Rianna Smith, senior who is in 3 of the 4 plays said she was looking forward to being a cast member in all 3 productions. “I’m really blessed to work with all these gifted actors. Acting alongside them is just natural and it’s easy to connect with such cool people who nail their lines and show up on time to every rehearsal.”

A play with the strange name Bobby Can Eat His Own Face will be co-directed by juniors, Josie Smithson and Anna Stevenson in a quite unusual story of a 15-year-old boy who runs away to the circus to find out that the circus freaks are doppelgangers. The play is about an hour long and has 16 cast members.

The Game is a story that falls under the category of serious drama and features a fairly small cast. “It’s going good, we have an awesome cast, and the blocking is flawless. I don’t know what to say really beyond that. I just know they’re ready to kill this thing,” said director Stefanie Chordigian, sophomore who is the first student director in Cam High’s history with her production earlier this year of the Grimm Brother’s Spectaculathon and opened the doors for future generations to direct.

Glass Fireworks, directed by Mr. Richard Winterstein, is a play aimed at the heart of the audience and features a small cast of two people.

This will be the drama class’s last production of the 2014 school year. Tickets are available at the door for $5 for general admission and the show begins each night at 7:30.