The Importance of Constitution Day


Not many Cam High Students would miss the passing of the Fourth of July. It is a big deal. Yet, not many realize that last week, the United States celebrated the day the Constitution was ratified, which is also a big deal. I believe this event should receive more attention nationally.

On September 17th, 1787, the Founding Fathers ratified the Constitution, setting American freedoms in stone. On September 17th, 2013, a poll was taken at Cam High, wherein 150 of Mr. Mark Storer’s senior English students were asked about the significance of that date. One person knew. The other 149 students, myself included, would have finished out the day totally unaware of such an important anniversary.

Many may not understand the reason for celebration. Many may not even care. However, many may also be unaware that after our war for independence, George Washington was called upon by the public to be King of America, but forfeited all authority, so that congress could make a more perfect union. And if there truly ARE some who do not care, I must present a point: without our Constitution preventing anybody from “abridging the freedom of speech”, I would not be able to write this piece of opinion.

So, in short, the Constitution is our freedom. The Constitution is the beating heart of the United States. The Constitution is what keeps Americans free of tyranny and internal extremism. For Americans to forget about the creation of the freedoms they are endowed with would be comparable to losing these freedoms, because if Americans do not know how to hold the government accountable, then America is no longer free. I want to keep America free.