School’s Not Cool


Photo By: Alex Rozbicki

Chemistry students conduct an extra credit experiment to make the hot weather just a little bit more enjoyable.

Cam High students and staff shared various tips on how to beat the heat this week as temperatures soared into the high 90s and low 100’s.

Water is the number one thing to keep in mind during a heat wave as dehydration can quickly become a reality in such high temperatures. Cam High students and staff both have a few methods to keep both cool and hydrated at school. “I make sure I stay hydrated and in the shade,” said Greg Lee, junior.

“I’m packing extra water and am wearing the most minimum amount of clothes as possible,” said Jared Angcanan, junior.

Nick Castro, junior, found another method to keeping cool. “Ice packs on the forehead,” said Castro, in addition to “spend[ing]countless amounts of money on Dasani bottle machines.”

For teachers, the heat can be quite challenging due to the unrest among the students.  Mr. Matthew Doyle, social science teacher, evades this problem by, “keep[ing] the lessons snappy.” Doyle advises against long lectures as it stagnates the interests of the classroom.

Cam High administrative staff also shared their opinion on the issue. Mr. Tom Taketa, school counselor, said, “Honestly, its hot, but not overwhelming.” Mr. Taketa admits that he does not like the heat, but it could be worse.  “I would prefer the cold any day of the year.”