Pricey Prom Predicament


Photo By: Alex Rozbicki

Michael Griffin and Danika Elvine, seniors, prep for the prom. Griffin worked to earn the money for the two tickets.

As prom prices go up each year, some Cam High students are wondering if the cost is worth it.

This year Cam High’s prom will be held at Spanish Hills Country Club in Camarillo on Saturday, May 17. The theme is A Red Carpet Affair.

“I definitely want the experience of prom. It’s a rite of passage, and I’m ready to have fun with my friends,” said Devin Cooper, senior.

Regardless of the excitement that comes along with prom and being consistently told that attendance is worth it, many seniors have complaints regarding the $100 ticket prices.

“It’s money mostly,” said Blake Parham, senior regarding her reason for not attending prom. “It’s just really expensive.”

For some seniors, the price influenced their decision not to attend prom, while others simply shrugged it off, but they say their expectations for the dance are high.

“I didn’t mind paying for both tickets,” said Michael Griffin, senior, who is attending the prom with Danika Elvine, senior. “I had a job at Ralph’s and save it up. It is expensive, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable.”

To keep accompanying costs lower, some seniors are doing everything from getting transportation via their parents to taking pictures at home rather than at the dance through Visual Photography. Some seniors this year are even skipping the school’s after-prom party, refusing to pay an extra $10.

“For the majority of us going to college, we’ve already been dropping a lot of money,” said Cooper. “I don’t want to spend money frivolously. $100 is a lot of money for a dance and I want it to be worth it.”

PTSA is in charge of coordinating the after-prom party at the Roxy Theater in Camarillo from 11 pm Saturday night until 4 am Sunday morning. They will raffle off gifts as well as provide access to Godzilla movie premiere. Students can expect food and live music as well.

Some students are even planning to attend the after prom party in pajamas and matching outfits while others intend to stay in their formal attire.

“I’ll probably just go in jeans,” said Danika Elvine, senior. “After being in a dress and make-up for a few hours a I want a chance to relax in a safe and sober way.”

According to ASB representatives, students have no need to worry about the repeated venue, which some seniors were very skeptical about because they plan to completely reinvent the country club. “You will not recognize Spanish Hills. I can guarantee you that,” said EJ Morera, senior and ASB cabinet member.

Not only does the prom committee plan to transform Spanish Hills but they also intend to provide more food, more space for dancing, and even better entertainment for those who attend.

“The venue to me isn’t that big a deal, as long as I’m with my friends having I good time I feel like it will be memorable wherever we’re at,” said Elvine.

Last year’s prom was supposedly problematic when they ran out of food and realized the venue was too small to accommodate everyone inside. In order to solve these issues, ASB has moved the dance floor as well as supplied more food for guests.

“Seniors can expect really delicious food, really fun vendors like a fortune teller and a palm reader,” said Akemi Levine, senior and ASB cabinet member. Other festivities will include live music and a photo booth.

“I’m hoping it’s all worth it,” said Cooper, “I want a night to remember.”