For Jung, the Numbers Add Up to Retirement


Photo By: Alex Rozbicki

Doris Jung, mathematics teacher,at work in her classroom.

After 39 years of teaching at Cam High, Doris Jung, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Pre-Calculus teacher, announced her retirement.

“It’s probably time. My mother isn’t as strong as she used to be,” said Jung, who’s father also passed away earlier in the school year. “I’m also tired of grading papers. I think it’s time the younger generation grade papers.”

Juggling the job of teaching, a family, and social life is a hard task. “I have missed out on a little here and there but my family understands,” said Jung. After retirement she plans on traveling the world and spending more time with her family.

” She[Jung] just never made it our concern to worry or have reason to believe something is wrong. She never projected her stress on the class and although the class got out of hand sometimes, she always handled the situation very well.” said Alexis McVicker, junior.

“She always wanted you to do your best. I will keep that with me,” said Haylee Flores, freshman.

“It’s been fun, but demanding,” said Jung. “On top of all that, it’s been rewarding. When you see the light bulb go off above their head after understanding something they have had a hard time learning, it really brings a smile to my face.”

Jung first got her start teaching and tutoring her friends in math. “I like math. I was good at it, and I loved getting the right answers,” she said. After graduating from UCLA, Jung was hired at Cam High and it is the only school she has taught at over the course of her 39 year commitment to “helping society, just a little bit at a time.”

“There are a lot of good kids out there. This has been a great school. There are a lot of positive characteristics in kids that the news leaves out; hard-working, happy-go-lucky, and a lot of ambition leads me to believe the future will be just fine. I have had no desire to go to another school, so I guess I have nothing to compare my students to but I know they are good kids,” said Jung.