Sadowsky Steps Down


Photo by: James Schaap

Allan Sadowsky gets the Scorps in-line as they battle the Spartans of Rio Mesa High.

After 13 years coaching boys basketball, Coach Allan Sadowsky announced that he will be stepping down as the head basketball coach at Cam High.

Sadowsky, 37, publicly announced on April 24 that he will not be returning to coach the Scorpions. He informed assistant coaches and players that he would be resigning and expressed to them that the decision was very difficult.

“It was really tough to look at my players in the eyes and tell them that I was going to resign,” said Sadowsky. “These players are like family to me and it feels like I am letting go of a big part of my life.”

Sadowsky expressed that health concerns and time demands for his family led him to make the decision to step down.

“It came to my attention by my doctors that I need to address certain health issues. I have two young girls: Shea, 11-years-old, and Kaitlyn, 9-years-old, whom I would like to spend more time with.”

Sadowsky intends to continue teaching mathematics at Cam High. He also expressed that a return to coaching is not out of the question.

“I’m definitely not finished with coaching but it definitely would have to be the right time to return.”

“I sympathize with him and know what he is going through,” said Tom Ito, Cam High Associate Principal and former football coach at Channel Islands High. “Coaches are required to put in 70 hours or more into the job and having family as a first priority can be extremely difficult. But when making the decision to step down, it is truly difficult. You always want to go back to coaching after you leave.”

Sadowsky’s replacement has not been announced.

Sadowsky holds a 17-year-long history with the Scorpion program with four years as a player, nine as the JV coach, and four as the head coach. Sadowsky finished his coaching career with an overall record of 80-34, and lead the Scorpions to two Pacific View League Championships and four CIF Southern Section tournaments.

Sadowsky also led the Scorpions to their first back-to-back 20 win seasons in 38 years and first back-to-back league championships in 31 years.

“Family brings me a lot of joy, and I’m happy to have the time now to spend time with them, but I will truly miss coaching,” said Sadowsky. “I wish the best of luck to the team in the future.”