Under Pressure…


Photo By: Casey Jacobsen

Yearbook staff working hard to meet their final deadline.

Students always rue the day before a project is due, because there always seems to be something that goes horribly wrong.

The El Alacran yearbook knows this feeling very well. Especially today, just hours before school ends, on the final due date, the computer system failed.

“There could not be a less convenient time for the system failure. We’ve been working nonstop since Wednesday, and have worked hard for months before the deadline as well, but we really needed the computer usage today,” said Shain Wutkee, junior and  yearbook’s copy editor.

The sudden failure of the computer system put a halt to any work that needed to be finished. All but two of the computers were operational this morning, when the yearbook staff arrived before school to finish the Scorpion yearbook.

Mrs. Catherine Robey, yearbook advisor and English 4 teacher, was “ecstatic” to at least have those two computers up. She proclaimed them sprinkled with “pixie dust”, told us to respect the “Elvish magic” and to “not question their wisdom.”

Her students were so grateful to use the computers in the current situation that they did not question the “elvish magic” comment.

Cailin Carnegie, junior and yearbook staff photographer, says she has even postponed work in order to help the staff. “An essay deadline is not as important as the yearbook deadline. If seniors leave without a yearbook they can’t get that time back. You can make up an essay but you can’t make up a yearbook deadline.”

These students work around the clock to make sure the memories for seniors will always remain intact.

Despite their dedication, without computers, it would be hard to accomplish anything. Amber Vaglica, junior, said on her twitter account, that “our school can afford a four million dollar pool but can’t even acquire working internet.”

The problem was resolved at nutrition, but they still lost half of a potentially productive day to complete the yearbook.