ASB’s New Cabinet Set for Next Year


Photo by: Alex Rozbicki

Haley Nagel, Kai Weight, Sarah Nagel, Kyle Gonzan, four members of next year’s cabinet, gather for a portrait. Erin Holden was unavailable at the time of the photograph.

The tell-tale signs of year’s end are now clear with the 2013-2014 ASB Cabinet retiring and the 2014-2015 cabinet ready for the fall.

Next year’s ASB cabinet members are as follows:

  • President: Kyle Gonzan
  • Vice President: Kai Weight
  • Secretary: Erin Holden
  • Treasurer: Haley Nagel
  • Parliamentarian: Sarah Nagel

All five of the cabinet members will be seniors next year.

Students were given a ballot in their homeroom class and asked to vote after watching a video compilation of all the candidate’s speeches.

“It’s really important to take who you’re electing seriously,” said Natale Hare, one of this year’s few sophomore candidates. Hare lost her election. “They’re essentially the people who are representing your school in district-wide events, and they’re the people who decide how to run the school and how to bring what’s best for the students.” Hare has been a member of ASB for two years now, the only candidate with such a record.

The voting process is purely democratic, with only current Cam High students, including seniors, allowed to vote.

“I’m pretty nervous. I mean, I’m good friends with everyone who’s running. I tried to promote myself instead of putting my opponent down. If she gets it, that’s awesome, but obviously I hope I win,” said Kai Weight, junior, prior to hearing the results of the election.

However, not all the candidates placed as much emphasis on the sole aspect of winning.

“I mean, being elected to a position is great and everything,” said Sienna Martinez, junior. “But the top priority of ASB is and always should be to make sure everyone is involved, not just the people in ASB.”

Trevor Rush contributed to this story.