Brush Strokes: Alexis Bramwell


Photo provided by: Mrs. Bonnie Mills

Alexis Bramwell’s photograph capturing a surfer flying off a wave won the PTA Reflection’s contest Award of Excellence.

Pictures, moments frozen in time, have the ability to bring back and share memories by providing a medium to transfer emotions. Whether taking photos or painting art, Alexis Bramwell, senior, has won numerous awards for her work throughout her high school career.

Recently, Bramwell was given the Award of Merit in PTA’s Reflections competition for her matte board compilation of several pieces titled “Bees”. The piece began as a jar of honey, but was progressively matted with two other pieces relating to bees. It is on display at the Maritime Museum in Ventura County.

“I like to draw anything that inspires me. I like any medium and style. I just enjoy trying new things,” said Bramwell.

The PTA Reflections program consists of five divisions based on age group. From those divisions a student has their choice in six different art areas. Only eight pieces from each school go to district level. Out of all of the district winners, only 30 continue on for consideration in state level.

Bramwell has competed in the Reflections program every year since elementary school, and has won both the Award of Merit and the Award of Excellence for several of her pieces.

Her picture of a surfer titled “Caught in the Air” received the Award of Excellence, went on to state level, and is still on display at an art gallery in Sacramento.

Like many artists, Bramwell doesn’t consider that her work is done, even when it is. “Sometimes I would make a piece that I wouldn’t really like right after I finished it. However, I would go back and add a few things to some of the pieces to make it more complete after coming back to it,” said Bramwell.

Mrs. Bonnie Mills, art teacher, has had Bramwell in her classes since her sophomore year.

“I have a very close relationship with Alexis beyond school. I am a family friend and she was actually commissioned to take photos of my wedding,” said Mills. “I have enjoyed watching her grow into an accomplished artist. She has always reacted positively to critiques and improved in her work.”

“She is caring, gentle, gifted, and highly competitive. She competes in her art the same way she kicks a ball,” said Mills. Bramwell plays soccer on the Cam High girls’ soccer team.

For Bramwell, though, it’s all the same. Art and sports are forms of self-expression excelling at both have become passions for her.

Bramwell said, “art is just a place I can go to in order to relax and not think about anything else just focus on my work. It’s a way to get my feelings down on paper.”