Mediocre McTeachers Turnout


Photo by: James Schaap

Mrs. Shannon Klemann, biology teacher and Mr. Joe Carroll, social science teacher, work the fry counter McDonalds McTeacher night senior class fundraiser.

More teachers than students were at McDonald’s on Arneil Road for McTeacher Night.

The money that was raised went to this years graduating class, to help with prom expenses.

Mr. Jonathan McCabe, science teacher, said, “This is the first time I have done this. I’m a little apprehensive but it looks like we have experienced crew, mostly of current Cam High students or alumni, and I’m excited to be here.”

Mr. Glenn Lipman, Cam High principal, was at the event and said he grew up learning the Big Mac Jingle. He said he still knows it and taught the teachers who worked that night how to sing it with him. He also said he has a kids meal toy collection dating back to the 1980’s.

Over the course of the event, only eight or nine students showed up including Max Lerma, senior. “This is a very smart idea to raise money. Kids love McDonalds and now the money goes to help us. It’s just sad more seniors didn’t come to support the event.”

Mr. Tom Ito, assistant principal at Cam High, said,”I like it. I didn’t realize that a lot of Cam High kids work here. There are at least two or three per shift. It’s nice. You realize they have a life outside of school, just as the kids realize teachers have a life outside.”

Sean Fulham, senior, said,”Its kind of fun. I really like it. It gives the workers who go to Cam High a chance to mess with their past teachers, instead of the teachers having fun at our expense.”

Fundraisers are harder to organize and arrange these days according to several teachers at Cam High. The combination of a lackluster economy combined with busy extracurricular and family schedules means groups who want to raise funds have to compete for time.

Mr. Richard Winterstein, drama teacher, said time and schedule conflicts are constant. “When I’m directing a play, I’m here at 6:15 in the morning and then I teach on my feet all day, and then I work the set and rehearsals after school. It’s just too much. I support them in other ways, but I just don’t have the kind of time in my schedule it takes.”