Scheming Over Prom


Photo By: Alex Rozbicki

Tyler Duffy, Senior, and Christian Ramos, Senior, discussing how schemes operates.

With Cam High’s Prom fast approaching, seniors are starting to look for inventive ways to ask their special someones to the dance. Cam High seniors Christian Ramos and Tyler Duffy saw this as a perfect opportunity to start an unofficial business in which they assist students in asking their dates to Prom.

“Asking someone in a special way takes a lot of time and we have busy schedules. So if you want to ask someone in a memorable way it may not be doable for one person,” said Ramos, senior and co-founder of Prom Schemes.

Ramos and Duffy, while originally looking for a hobby to occupy their time, found themselves intrigued by the idea of helping people who wish to do something extravagant and memorable for their desired Prom date.

After finishing out the basketball season, Duffy and Ramos, with early dismissal, were seeking something productive to do with the excessive amount of free time they had on their hands. Rather than getting a job, they decided it would be rewarding to go into business together.

“The business idea came up because we were thinking about Prom. I think it may have even come up last year during homecoming season, but we finally brought it to life,” said Duffy, co-founder of Prom Schemes.

“We call it Prom Schemes, because prom is the main dance in high school,” said Duffy, “If they want to ask somebody to the dance they come to us and we help plan everything.” Duffy and Ramos take care of getting supplies, setting up and executing the “scheme”, and the whole idea is that all the client has to do is show up.

Prices of the “schemes” vary accordingly to the resources involved and the amount of time taken to put the plan into action.

Jonathan Chua, junior, sought the help of the Prom Schemes duo to pull off an elaborate “promposal”: having items fall out of trees that referenced a TV show both Chua and his date enjoy. “They pretty much came up with the basic plan, and they gave me a lot of confidence in executing it,” said Chua, “Its was really nice to have them on my team, and it took a lot of the stress off.”

“Tyler had always wanted to start a business with me, we always have a bunch of free time, and we enjoy hanging out with each other,” said Ramos. The two co-founders, friends since first grade, saw this not only as an opportunity to help people, but a great way to spend time with their best friend. “We do everything together: school, workout, church.”

Somehow, they manage to find time for their own prom schemes. Ramos is not going to prom, but Duffy intends to coordinate an extravagant scheme for the girl he wants to ask.

“Prom is going to be golden,” said Duffy “I’m really looking forward to it.”