Who Runs This?


Photo by: Sabrina Starnes

Posters shouting “We Run This” in bold letters appeared all over campus last week. Most assume they are part of a new Peer Resource campaign.

Students were surprised earlier this week when  the slogan “We Run This” suddenly appeared all over campus.

Posters around campus, business cards in every locker, and two large banners sporting the slogan all appeared on Monday, March 24. The only information given by the posters was the grammatically questionable, “Scorpions always got each others backs,” and that the campaign is for, “a social norms peer-to-peer student-run project.”

General consensus was that the recent advertisement for the campaign gave no new information. The only clue was last Friday’s edition of Cam High Connect featured a mention of the Peer Resource class and most speculation falls on Peer Resource as the source.

Mr. Tom Ito, associate principal, was unaware of the origin of the posters or who put them up. “I really don’t know what it’s about,” said Mr. Ito.

However, a few Cam High administrators do have information on the posters. “It’s a school approved activity,” said Mrs. Kim Stephenson, associate principal in charge of in-school activities.

Cam High students responded to the guerrilla marketing campaign with a mixture of interest, confusion, and annoyance.

“I think it’s a very positive thing and will be very fun,” said Jared  Angcanan, junior. “I would speculate it was one of the biggest clubs.”

Even more students mirrored this feeling of excitement towards the mystery campaign. “I think it’s a very good campaign and I’m curious as to what it actually means,” said Michael Ma, sophomore. “It seems more like something that will spark a really big conversation later on.”

The campaign also generated much confusion among all grade levels. “It’s a secret, it’s mysterious,” said Anna Oklestkova, senior.

“I have no idea what they mean or what they’re for. At first I thought it was track and then something social,” said Alec Boghossian, sophomore.

In addition to the confusion that the lack of information caused, some students commented that they were “annoyed” or “just don’t care” about the posters. “I think it’s a waste of school resources unless it’s a private endeavor,” said Avesta Reddy, sophomore. “For the amount of money they spent on the posters, they could have put more [information] on it. At first I thought it was something for a sport, but then I saw it said ‘student-run project’.”

While some students believe that it is a project run by the ASB, members of ASB have denied the claims. “I was not informed,” said Mr. Michaeltore Smith, ASB Director. “I imagine it was approved by administration, but it was not run through me.”


Cam High’s Peer Resource class came forward about the multiple “We Run This” cards, posters, and banners.

Mr. Josh Chancer, social science teacher, gave his class the goal to improve the campus atmosphere through planned events, for both this year and next, and to promote a more friendly atmosphere in general.

“It’s a program [we’ve] set up to build a positive school culture,” said Chancer. The program will start this year and continue on through next year.

The program is to be completely student run and offer students the ability to voice their opinions much more effectively. “[Students] may advocate for what they believe,” said Chancer.

“We Run This is supposed to provide good vibes,” said Chantel Sanchez, junior. “We have a bad reputation as a negative school.”

The day-to-day objective of this program is to help improve Cam High’s morale overall. “We Run This” will provide Cam High students with  everything from  a “Movie Night” to “Food Truck Event.”

“We are open to anything,” said Chancer.

More information will be made available in the coming weeks.