Staged Talent


Photo by: James Schaap

Katie Peterson, senior, strums a guitar and sings “Resolutions”, a song she wrote, during the talent show.

A total of thirteen different acts competed in the Cam High talent show on Mar. 21, where seniors Spencer White and Siena Martinez hosted the evening’s events.

Canargalarga, a band featuring seniors Cole Treibold, senior, Chandler Westbrook, senior, and Mike Bernard, Cam High graduate, competed in the talent show and took home the first place award. “There will definitely be more shows to come,” said Cole Treibold, senior and Canargalarga member.

Coming in second place was Cam High’s very own short flag team, featuring  Richard Gray, junior and Jasmine Jacquez, senior.”I wanted to do the [talent show] because it’s my senior year,” said Jacquez. “There was so many great acts, it’s an honor to have placed.” Jacquez and her teammate put on an inventive performance that excited the crowd and pleased the judges.

Judges based their decisions on a point system that broke down the performances into presence, ability, appearance/costume, overall performance, creativity, and appropriateness. “Originally we had the Byron’s Angels, the hip hop dance group win, but we weren’t able to vote for them because only two of the ten plus members are from Camarillo High School,” said Abagail Santana, art teacher and judge at the talent show.

After deliberating the judges agreed that Byron’s Angels, the dance team featuring Maggie Banchong, senior, and Camille Abutin, junior, deserved the first place award but were denied this because of a rule Cam High’s ASB implemented in previous years. The rule does not permit performers to win if several of the performers do not attend Cam High.

The acts that night included singers, bands, and a DJ performance by Brandon Perry, junior. Katie Peterson, senior, took a risk in performing an original song, titled Resolutions, at the talent show. “I was pretty comfortable [on stage], cracking jokes eased my nerves,” said Peterson. After several technical difficulties and a few jokes later Peterson was able to continue on with her performance.

Other competitors also encountered some technical difficulties during their performance with static and feedback coming through the speakers, but all the performers were able to move past the minor mishaps and continued on performing. The crowd continued to cheer on students regardless of the mishaps.

Even the performers who didn’t place enjoyed themselves during their performances. “We perform to develop our fan base,” said Horacio Macias, senior. Their band played a popular song by Arctic Monkeys that drove the crowd to cheers. “We didn’t do it to win, we did it for fun,” said Jorge Garcia, drummer for The Dregs From Somis.