Artists Raise Funds for Gallery Club


Photo by: James Schaap, Photo Editor

Mary Ferrer, senior, works on her art projects at the Gallery Club’s workshop last month.

Cam High’s  Gallery club held a workshop and sale in C1 in order to raise money for art students graduating this year.

Open during school from March 14 to March 19, the workshop was open to any interested students to check out a variety of shirts, tops, dresses, jackets, books, nail polish, and several paintings created by Gallery Club members.

A third of all items were sold, and the remaining were brought down to one dollar on the last day of the sale. The price of each piece depended on its quality, effort, size, and the materials used.  The club raised $200 for Cam High’s Fine Arts Scholarship Award. In order to be eligible for the scholarship, students were required to have a 3.0 GPA or higher in at least  30 units of fine arts classes, including the advanced placement studio art course. In addition, an essay about a student’s art career pathways and intentions is required.

“All the formal dresses that were not sold were donated to Girl Up, a United Nations organization with a Cam High chapter that helps girls in developing countries,” said Tina Tagliaferri, senior. This year Girl Up will hold a dress drive through a proxy organization which will then donate the money raised to Girl Up, leaving everything unsold to be donated to Good-Will.

Along with the workshop, a fundraiser at D’Amore’s Pizza held a fundraiser for the Gallery Club on March 31.

“[The] biggest focus is to raise money to support the art scholarship, also to raise awareness to the importance and necessity of the fine art program,” said Bonnie Mills. ” It’s a place for a quirky artist to belong.”