Ticking Away…


Photo by: James Schaap

Mikaela Hurshman, junior, belts out a song during February’s Camchella concert.

It is easy to look around and notice incredible talent, abilities, and achievements accomplished by fellow students. It is hard to cope with the idea that you may never be as good as them or accomplish the tasks that they have.

What makes them special or gifted with the ability to take on tasks so naturally? Have you ever worked so hard, stayed up late nights, or put more than you have ever into a task only to end up with failure, disappointment, or simply the thought “I am not good enough.”

“I’m always envious of the naturally gifted students. It sucks,” said Kevin Yang, senior.

It is the time of the year when all the things you have worked for come to a close. It’s the time when you ask yourself whether or not you have accomplished the things you set out to, and whether or not you have accomplished those things well. You cannot help but compare yourself to those students who take on tasks with ease.

For seniors, college acceptances are just around the corner. End of the year awards are being given out. Final grades are being posted. But all you can do now is hope that all the steps you have previously taken have been good enough.

As beautiful and mysteriously incredible as life is, it’s also devastatingly difficult at times. Failure is inevitable, and envy becomes an overpowering emotion that suddenly engulfs you when you’re faced with the bold, beautiful and naturally gifted. Watching others get into a prestigious school or others achieve a higher grade on that math test can make you feel horrible–there’s no question about it. But instead of feeling sorry for yourself, use it as motivation. Use it to strive harder, and work stronger so you can accomplish any task you so desire.

What is your motivation? What does it mean to you? How badly do you want it?

Do not let that multiple choice test determine who you are or that standardized test map out your potential. Only you are in charge of your future, and no one can change or influence that; not your parents, not your friends, not your teachers, and certainly not the kid who is simply brilliant! It may not seem hopeful now, and you might not feel “good” enough, but the power of hard work and dedication will pay off.

After all, it’s not luck that determines our futures-it’s our own desires, dedication and determination.

Good luck Scorps!