Community Service Pays Off for Cam High Senior


Photo By: Alex Rozbicki

Sheyda Mazgadareth, Senior and CSF President, won $15,000 from the California Scholarship Federation’s competition.

Sheyda Mesgarzadeh, Cam High CSF President and senior won $15,000 from the California Scholarship Federation’s competition.

The CSF competition features three rounds, offering scholarships from 2,000 to 3,000 to $10,000, each cumulative with money earned the previous rounds. Mesgarzadeh, senior, competed against students from high schools across California and won all the rounds of the competition for her region.

“It honestly has a huge impact,” said Mesgarzadeh of the scholarship money she received. “It was a great experience. All the other girls were really supportive and you realize there are people in high school that are so amazing. It was eye opening that other girls do so much,” said Mesgarzadeh.

All students who wanted a chance at receiving the scholarships  had to complete an essay and obtain teacher evaluations.

The mission of CSF is to “[emphasize] high standards of scholarship and community service for California high school students.” As an organization, they have the goal “to promote the education of academically motivated students, encouraging them to get involved in their communities through volunteer service,” according to the CSF website.

“[CSF wants] to show the students that if you are active and involved in your community, good things will come,” said Mesgarzadeh.

To be eligible for the scholarship, a student must be a lifetime member of CSF, which requires four semesters, and to be an active participant in the organization.

Mesgarzadeh has been in CSF  since her freshman year and says that she has thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with the organization. “I am so attached to the club. I want to do everything for my club members,” said Mesgarzadeh.