Say Goodbye to the “Pacific View”


Photo by: James Schaap

Allan Sadowsky gets the Scorps in-line as they battle the Spartans of Rio Mesa High.

Cam High’s Scorpions played their long-time rivals the Rio Mesa Spartans in the final league game of the year on Feb. 12. In the fall, Cam High will join the Marmonte league.

Cam High won 67-60, making them League Champions and sending them into first round C.I.F. (California Interscholastic Federation)

After the game, Mr. Allan Sadowsky, varsity basketball coach and math teacher, said,” This was a great victory for Camarillo. I was always confident in our team, even though Rio is also a good team. We were lucky to stay strong throughout the game.”

J.J. Montesinos, junior, said,”We have a good team, all we have to do now is play like this in C.I.F. If we work as a team we can accomplish anything.”

At the start of the second quarter Rio tried to take Cam High off guard, and scored a three-point field shot, putting them closer to Cam High’s score of 25-19.

During the half-time Daniel Steele, senior, said,”Both teams are trying really hard, its obvious a lot of hard training has prepared them for tonight. If we keep up our good work and don’t get too [arrogant], we are likely to win.”

Back and forth court battles kept the game poised on defense the entire night. Scoring was low and court play was high.

The start of the fourth quarter began with a  penalty against Rio.

A series of  penalties against Cam High brought Rio to within four points of tying the game at 62. With two minutes left both teams fought hard. Cam High dashed all hopes of Rio winning by scoring five points with 45 seconds on the clock–but the Scorps dominated until the end of the game, final score: 67-60.

After the game, Rio Mesa’s Zack Erickson,  junior, said,”Good game. In the end it came down to some trouble in the first half. Cam High played hard, and did a good job.”