For Some Scorps, Homework is Life


Photo by: James Schaap

Kirsten Randall, senior, studies her homework in the library after school.

From college prep to advanced placement, a student’s homework load mostly depends on the classes they take, sometimes affecting student’s schedules outside of school.

According to Cam High counselor Linda Smith, College Preparatory classes is the minimum class level accepted by colleges. In comparison, the honors class curriculum moves faster, and is more in-depth of what is studied.

Advanced Placement class is recognized by some colleges as a college equivalent, but in order to pass the class, students are expected to take a final AP test. Students who chose to participate in an AP curriculum, however, may be able to skip certain college courses.

At Cam High, academic options for College Preparatory (CP),  Honors (H) and Advanced Placement (AP) classes have no prerequisites beyond the student putting forth the required work.

“I take all college prep classes, which I only need 30 minutes to finish all my homework,” said Jackson Camarillo, freshman.

Devan Sylvester, sophomore, who takes both CP and Honors classes, believes Cam High students do too much homework.  “Three hours of homework is too much for me. An hour would be ok, but no more than two. Students should relax after 8 hours of school, instead,” said Sylvester.

“Doing homework helps you practice and prepare you for the test. It’s also the refresh of the day. Doing more work helps it stay in your head,” said Rebecca Valee, junior.

In addition to helping students, homework plays an important role in teacher preparation. “I have 3 months to prepare for a year long course. Without homework, my students wouldn’t be able to pass the AP test,” said Mr. Chris Quinn, social science teacher.

This work, however, can take a toll on the lives of students outside of school. Leann Pham, junior, takes four AP classes. “All I do is study and do my homework after school for an average of 6 hours. Sometimes extra activities take place after school and make me too tired, leaving me no time to do homework that day.”