Silent Stinger


Photo by: James Schaap, Photo Editor

Gavin Hale, sophomore, and Jacob Alonzo, senior, corner an Oxnard opponent before he attempts a 3-point shot.

Cam High clinched a share of the Pacific View League title with a hard fought win over the Yellow Jackets of Oxnard High on Silent Night, 65-51. Silent Night was named by the Scorpion Cyclone, who decided that no cheers would be made until the first 10 points of the game were scored.

Cam High got out in front fast but Oxnard picked up their slack and scored 5 points off of turnovers.

Oxnard drained a three, making the Oxnard High crowd cheer with enthusiasm. The score was 4-8 at that point. Cam High sparked a short run to get back on track with a two pointer but the Yellow Jackets responded on a 8-0 run which put Cam High down 6-18. 

Cam High clawed back into the game, going on a 6-0 run to make the deficit 12-18.

Cam High started off the second quarter with a quick score, making it 14-18. The Yellow Jackets and the Scorpions had a defensive battle, scoring no points for two minutes. Oxnard ended the defensive drought by scoring a jumper, making the score 14-20. Oxnard makes another 3 pointer, making the score 14-23.

After a series of penalties on both teams, the score was 18-24.

Cam High was down 28-31 before a buzzer beater 3 by Kyle Palmer, Senior, to make the score 31-31 at Halftime.

William Dowden, former basketball coach , comments,” Great game, kids are playing hard. We got them at their home, now it’s time to get them at ours.”

Blake Brocket, Senior at Cam High, said,” (he) Loves coming to support our sports teams.”

James Bane, fellow football player and senior, said,”Very intense game, great back-and-forth struggle.”

Oxnard High scored the first points of the half to make the score, 31-33.  Jacob Alonzo, Senior,  took advantage of weak defense and drained a three pointer putting the Scorpions up, 34-33 for their first lead in the game.

The rest of the third quarter had three lead changes and two ties.

Cam High traded baskets in the fourth quarter with Oxnard High to make the score 51-50. Cam High then went on a 9-0 run which put the Scorpions up for good.

Cam High finished the game with a score of 65-51.

After the game Blake Jenkins, Assistant basketball coach, comments,”All fourteen players played hard, even though one was couldn’t play and was injured he stayed to support. To be honest we played started off playing with to much energy making silly mistakes and missing things we normally wouldn’t have. We just dialed it down a little and we were fine. Oxnard played hard too. They have a good program over there.”

Inside the locker room celebrating with the team on their win, Jacob Alonzo, Senior,  said,” it was a big team win, and we stepped it up.”

Riley McMillin, senior, also said,” We worked hard to prepare for this game. It helped that everyone knew their roles and we played great together.”

Cam High has now clinched at least a share of the Pacific View League title with two games remaining in the regular season.

Cam High will now take on Pacifica High in Oxnard on Friday, Feb. 7 to become the outright league champions.