The Scholars Among Us


Photo by: James Schaap

Mrs. Terrie Romines, CSF’s adviser, teaches her 6th period math class by reading “Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi”.

The California Scholarship Federation, or CSF, is a club at Cam High dedicated to recognizing academic excellence for seniors and raising money for college scholarships through fundraising.

The largest of these fundraisers, however, is what CSFers refer to as “the social.” The group gathers amid piles of food and drink and live entertainment to talk about school, life, relationships and, of course, CSF.

Dregs from Somis, a student band comprised of Cam High students, performed original music including This Way and On the Prowl along with covers like Run Right Back by Black Keys, Blitzkrieg Bop by Ramones, and American Girl by Tom Petty while people ate, socialized, and relaxed. “I enjoy the environment that I was surrounded by, and it’s fun and a good way to meet other people,” said CSF member and Tina Tagliaferri, senior.

The idea for the social came from the event’s host Cole Triebold, senior. Tickets for the event cost $8 and $10 at the door. A total of 40 tickets were sold, and $300 was raised toward scholarships. CSF officials award scholarships based on a number of criteria including GPA, personal need and community service.

“The band was really good, there is a lot of food, and lots more people were there than I thought,” said Mina Pasaraba, senior.

CSF, a California statewide club, was established at Cam High in 1957 and has enjoyed steady growth each year.

Mrs. Terrie Romines, CSF director, said “It’s a good club. It gives students the opportunity to meet new people, to build their leadership skills and see what’s going on in the community.”