Pooling Their Efforts


Photo By: Alex Rozbicki

Light shimmering on the blue, crystal clear water of the new pool at Cam High.

Cam High’s pool is nearly finished and it is scheduled to open on Feb. 18*.

With the announced deadline for the pool fast approaching, Cam High associate principal, Mr. Tom Ito, said, “Its proceeding swimmingly.” Ito said that in addition to the pool’s construction, a number of updates were made to high-traffic campus areas to accommodate state regulations for handicapped individuals. “Handi-capable,” Ito called them.

Since the groundbreaking ceremony  last year, Cam High students have seen the construction progress from a crack in the old parking lot to a fully realized aquatic center. This will not only signify the completion of the long awaited pool and offer more space in the upper lot, but also give a home for the Scorpion’s swim and water polo teams. “Right now our polo practices are running later than most sports,” said Kirsten Le Duc, sophomore. “So with the pool, it will be nice to be able to get home earlier.” Scorpion swimmers will now have an easier commute and an easier schedule with the addition of the pool.

“I am really excited about the pool. We had to ride a crowded bus to Oxnard everyday,” said Bailey González, sophomore.  “It had its ups and downs, but having our own pool will finally give us an advantage.”

“By getting our pool, we will be able to get home earlier to do our homework at a reasonable time,” said Madison Waterlander, sophomore. “This will also allow us to host our own home games at school to gain more support.”

*Editor’s note, altered from Feb. 22