A Gearhead’s Dreams


Photo By: Alex Rozbicki

Mr. Chris Quinn driving a modified Ford F150 into the Baddest Ride Car Show.

A plethora of cars gathered behind the gym for Cam High’s car show on Friday, December 13.

Swift Car Club’s Ventura County chapter arrived with three cars from their unique line. A completely white Honda made itself noticed with its upgraded stereo system, blasting music from every speaker, even ones in the trunk. The next model was a yellow Scion tC coupe with a full-body decal job that complimented the car’s shape. The most extravagant model in the pack was a hot-pink Lincoln called “Pink Passion” that was painted and had decals from top to bottom.

Mercedes-Benz of Oxnard brought a 2014 CLA250. With a retail price of $29,900, the CLA250 has a 208-hp 2.0-liter direct injection turbo four cylinder engine. They also had a model from their more high-end SL-class cars that are priced  at around $106,000.

The Tesla Model S was one of the largest attractions. It is an all-electrical car that shocked students when the hood was popped and no engine was found. Instead of a larger internal-combustion engine, there was just storage space. Opening the trunk revealed not storage for suitcases, but two more seats. On a full charge of it’s 6,381 batteries, the engine can go about 230 miles depending on how many kilowatts it puts out. The model boasted a variety of secret goodies, such as a full touch screen that controlled all appliances and handles that retract whenever the key holder comes near.

Of course, Cam High could never have a car show without displaying some of its own students’ cars. Judges Mr. Dennis Riedmiller, special education teacher, Mr. Matt Doyle, social science teacher and Mr. Bryan Staples, social science teacher chose from among student rides for best in show and other awards. The winner of the contest was Trevor Zinn, junior, with his 2006 Dinan BMW M5. Some of the honorable mentions include seniors James Cruz’s 1971 Dodge Dart, Sam Olsen’s 1963 Studebaker Avanti, Micheal Gesser’s 1964 Ford Ranchero, and Josue Duarte’s 1982 Buick Regal.

“I’ve put a lot of heart into my ride. If they are grading on the car’s story, then I could have a shot at winning,” said Cruz.

Chris Quinn, social science teacher and organizer of the Car Show, said,”This year had well over 60 cars. Next year we plan on having over 100 and moving the venue to be able to fit more cars.”