Something You Auto Know About


Photo By: Alex Rozbicki

Chris Quinn, Social Science teacher, debriefing the students who will be showcasing their cars at the Cam High Car Show.

This coming Thursday, December 12th, Mr. Quinn has brought back Cam High’s lunchtime Car Show. Hosted behind the gym, the show showcases cars of Cam High’s students, teachers, and local car clubs and dealerships. The collection stars upward of 25 student vehicles and around ten from local dealerships. Mr. Brett Ropes and Mr. Brian Staples will be displaying only their cars. The Event offers a Little Caesar’s lunch for all contestants, paid for by Cam High’s Recycling Club. First Prize, ” Best In Show” is awarded a Parking Pass by the front office for the rest of the 2013-2014 school year.

To enter students must go to a mandatory meeting in  H-4 on  Tuesday, December 10th. The meeting  covers Thursday’s itinerary and all details on how to sign-up and the schedule and how-to of transporting your vehicle during the day.

Mr. Quinn endorses students entering the show because it is “something fun to do collectively during lunch, and is a great way to raise school spirit.”