Bloody Brilliant


Photo By: James Schaap

Jayson Hansen, senior, getting his blood taken on the second day of the blood drive.

Scorps checked their pulse after Cam High’s blood drive on December 4th and 5th, when United Blood Services set up shop in the cafeteria.

Giving blood has become a tradition at Cam High, especially around the holidays. Brandon Pillado, junior, said he wanted “to help people who are sick and need the blood to survive.”

“Its the giving season,” said Jake Kissee, sophmore, “and everyone deserves to live.”

A few students had other reasons to give blood, including those who, at one point, needed it themselves. “I am O+, which is the most needed blood right now,” said Spencer Chavez, junior, “I had surgery in the past, so I wanted to help others.”

Despite the large amount of donors, there are, at times, those who would rather not give up their blood. “I hate needles,” said Matt Gundic, senior.

Many of Cam High’s faculty thought that the blood drive went over well. “We get so many people who do it, some even got past their fear of needles,” said Ms. Mary Harris, school nurse.”Giving blood, as a selfless act with nothing in return, is great.”

“It went over really well, I didn’t hear any complaints,” said Ms. Alexis Ortiz, associate principle.  Another Cam High blood drive will be held sometime in Spring next year. For more information, consult Ms. Harris.

United Blood Services, who have been operating since 1943 and who have been the only group to host Cam High’s blood drive, were back again this year. Their goal is to provide an ample blood supply where it is needed most. To learn more about United Blood Services, go to