Artists Or Artisans?


Photo By: James Schaap

Rose Houlihan, senior, paints her decoration for the upcoming holiday sale.

Before rushing to Pier One this Black Friday, some students are looking a little closer to home this holiday season.

An assortment of  holiday and generally festive merchandise has been hand-crafted by AP Studio Art class students to be sold to teachers and students during Cam High’s December school session. The Boutique funds Gallery Club’s annual scholarship–a financial aid program awarded to one or more graduating Studio Art seniors who plan to study fine art at a university in the fall. A handful of Mrs. Bonnie Mills’ students apply for the Scholarship each June. Mills teaches art at Cam High. The application process involves writing an essay and offering one or multiple portfolios for critique.

Mills personally advocates and participates in the building and brainstorming of the shop and its pieces. Opening on December 2nd, the Boutique will be showcasing flower crowns, wreaths, house furnishings, jewelry, hand bags, hats, candles, bird houses, wrapping paper, ornaments, and, new to the shop this year, a gift wrapping service.

The service will entail gift-boxing any presents students and staff drop in room C-2, the Boutique’s home for the month of December, and tagging the gift with any messages and greeting from the gift-er. The process is estimated to be finished within half a school day per present. The Boutique’s doors will be open only for the first two weeks of December.