Photo By: Alex Rozbicki

Gabby Collins and Josh Tinoco admiring each other.

When does affection become affliction? At Cam High and high schools everywhere, throes of love have become strong; creating a contoversy of whether this activity is school appropriate or not.

“The kids are here to get an education. What they do in their private lives should be kept at home,” said Cam High principal, Mr. Glenn Lipman. “They have to understand that other people don’t like to see it in public. Maybe if they knew how it affected others, they would stop.”

While walking down the hallways, examples of public displays of affection, or PDA, are pretty apparent during the school day. The Stinger conducted a survey of 100 students, collecting some mixed opinions throughout the school population about this topic. Results are as follows:

35% view PDA positively

24% view PDA negatively

41% agree only with light PDA

Sophomore Kamarin Dapron expressed a negative opinion towards displays of affection on campus. “It kind of makes me feel bad, because it’s right in your face,” she said. “You see these kinds of relationships around every corner. It’s their relationship, not mine. I would appreciate if they didn’t cram it down my throat.”

A few weeks ago, a message was put into Cam High Connect discouraging public displays of affection due to problems with the flow of the hallways. Cam High’s associate student body, or ASB, put out this message.

“I think ASB is in a very unique position because they are the trendsetters, the ones the students look to for guidance,” said Spanish teacher, Mrs. Adrienne Denny. “So if ASB is bringing this issue to everybody’s attention, I think it is very valid. When the concern is coming from your own peers, that deserves a lot of credibility.”

With relationships all over campus, there is a wide range of passionate displays among pupils. According to several students, public kissing is the most problematic.

“I’m okay with people hugging, but passing period is not a good time for that,” said Darian Tucker, freshman. “It’s really uncomfortable, especially when you’re trying to eat or something and two people sitting next to you are trying to swallow each other.”

People in relationships hold different opinions about this topic as opposed to people who are not currently in a relationship. “I honestly do show PDA,” said freshman Adam Roberts. “People hassle me about doing that, but I don’t really care what others think. A few kisses are okay, as long as you don’t take it too far.”