Who Wins? KIWIN’s!


Photo By: Natalie McIntyre

Mr. Tommy Taketa, counselor and Kiwin’s Advisor, working with James Cruz, senior, on graduation requirements.

Cam High’s KIWIN’s club accommodates their own members with volunteer hours, opportunities to reach out to communities, and chances to make new friends from all over the state of California.

“KIWIN’s is a community service club on campus that extends throughout various districts in California,” said TJ Jose, junior and president of KIWIN’s. Jose has been managing the activities and service hours of the club and believes each and every member will have an unforgettable experience.

“KIWIN’s holds so many fun activities like fall rally, beach clean ups, and many more,” said Jose. KIWIN’s holds a yearly fall rally that gathers all of California’s KIWIN’s clubs to compete and meet each other. “It’s extremely fun.” said Jose.

Camarillo’s KIWIN’s is one of the many clubs in Cam High that not only offer volunteer hours, but also a chance to meet students throughout California from different high schools. KIWIN’s gives student members a fair shake to shape their path later in life so that may reach whatever they’re goal. “We serve the community and foster the future leaders of America,” said Jose.

Co-vice presidents of KIWIN’s Jason Yoon, junior, and Brandon Hai, junior, have various jobs to do in order to help the president, other club leaders and members. KIWIN’s stays on top of each member whether it’s their grades or service hours. “KIWIN’s helps keep me going. The boost helps me stay active and in touch with not only the club but with school too,” said Yoon.

Jonothan Chua, junior, has been a member of KIWIN’s since his freshmen year. “KIWIN’s is a family,” said Chua,”As you get to participate in the club’s activities you get to know almost each member.” Chua feels that each and every minute spent on aiding KIWIN’s is more than worth it. “Not only do you get hours for school, but quality time with your friends and the ability to better improve the community,” said Chua.