A Lock and a Hard Place


Photo By: Alex Rozbicki

A lock like the one used by Mr. John Stava to keep the trucks from interrupting their practices.

Cam  High’s Marching Band, which practices every Monday and Wednesday after school, as well as every zero period behind the Cam High Gym, is now free from worrying about when the next truck will come driving through.

Cam High’s marching band has, on many occasions, been disregarded by maintenance workers, Coca Cola company teamsters, and many other types of truck drivers during their practice. Mr. John Stava, Band Director, has informed the school about these interruptions to the band’s practice for many years and has now taken steps to prevent these unwanted trucks from interfering with the practices.

Before every practice, Stava locks the gate so as to prevent any vehicles or other unwanted guests from strolling through the routine band practices. “People would never consider driving through the field while a game is going on,” said Stava, “but for band it doesn’t even matter.”

Numerous marching band members found the new practice to be beneficial toward helping the creation of  a better learning enviornment. “He locked it more or less to prevent the kids from walking through,” said Matthew Castellanos, junior. “We get more done and we don’t have to reset as often.” This, in many band member’s opinions, is necessary for providing an area for the marching band that is free from interruption.  “It’s our classroom, you can’t let vehicles or students pass through your classroom without a legitimate excuse,” said David Gatchel, junior.

No grievances have been brought up to the faculty about the area being locked. Mr. Ito, Assistant Principal, said “I haven’t heard any complaints yet,” continuing on by stressing that while locking the band’s practice area may hinder maintenance trucks, “safety” is always key. Ito said that Cam High’s administration strives to keep student safety a top priority.