Lost and Never Found


Photo By: Natalie McIntyre

Many bags and items are lost and have yet to be found by their owner.

Each year a mountain of lost items amasses in Cam High’s Lost and Found. In just about six months, the room has filled with students’ misplaced or forgotten items, and it’s not just clothing. Items such as homework, shoes, binders, pencil pouches, library books and backpacks are commonly placed in the lost and found.

Some of the books that Mrs. Peggy Witacre, textbook clerk, receives aren’t even from Cam High’s library, but still she goes out of her way to track down the library that they came from and send them back so the students won’t be fined.

Many of the forgotten items are found by the campus supervisors walking the halls. “There’s a lot of money parents waste on good clothing just to have their kids lose them,” said Witacre. Witacre has posted numerous articles in the paper asking students who have lost their belongings to please come and claim them. “At the end of the year I send them to Good Will so that way other people get clothing,” said Witacre.

“I send five to seven items to the library each day. Only three out of ten of the items turned into the lost and found find their way back to their owners,” said Manulele Tuitima, campus supervisor.

Rodolfo Morales, campus supervisor, said,”I find about four to five lost items a day. In a week I find about maybe 20.”

Jasmine Jacquez, senior, has lost her phone three times out of the four years she’s been at Cam High and has had it returned to her every time. “Last month I left it in the bathroom and apparently these three girls turned it in. Luckily, there have been students kind enough to turn in the items found that were mine,” said Jacquez. However, not all lost items are turned in.”I’ve lost a binder before and it had all my homework for Mr. Jacquez and no one turned it in and that affected my grade.”