Chip Off the Old Block


Photo By: Natalie McIntyre

A student cleans off his work space after working on his Wood Shop project.

The noise coming from room I-4 can, at times, be heard across the eastern portion of the Cam High campus. The wood shop’s various antiquated power tools and the huge vacuum system that cleans up the sawdust roar into life each day after lunch.

Students in Mr. Chip Mills’ wood shop class say he has inspired them by teaching them safety and letting their imagination run wild with lumber. “Mr. Mills teaches us how to persevere for more and reach high,” said Karla Rincon, junior.

During the first quarter, the students were trained to effectively use tools and were taught how to remain safe around all possible dangers presented by the class. The students are told that when working with the power tools they must wear safety glasses at all times. “We worked on safety tests and no ones cut their hand off,” said Alex Rojas, senior.

After all their training and studies, the students were tasked with building a project out of wood, like a tray or cabinet. “I built a long board, ” said Rojas,”Me and my friend painted it together.”

Collin Kruse, junior, is in the process of building a cabinet. “I like creating my own things. Cutting wood and using power tools makes me feel manly.”

Mills has been teaching wood shop for 12 years and has worked at Cam High for two and after serving in the Navy for 22 years, Mills sees this job title as a favorable career. “This is an opportunity to help the students that can’t get all the help they need at home. I am ready to make a change in their lives,” Mills said.