Death Comes to Life for Cam High’s Drama Department


Photo By: Alex Rozbicki

Matthew Schroeder (far right), who plays death, comes to the end of his vacation.

Stars shone bright Thursday night when the Drama department set the stage with Cam High’s Death Takes a Holiday.

The production took place at Cam High’s Drama room in D-2. The premiere was packed with a diverse audience contrary to what Mr. Richard Winterstein, drama instructor and English teacher, called his usual soft opening. “Opening night is usually parents and family members, but the house was packed last night,” he said.

A hush filled the air as the curtain rose on the quiet Castle interior of Duchess Christina. The Duchess, played by Christine Ibrahim, senior, makes a deal with Death, played by Matt Schroeder, junior, to have a three day holiday at the Duchess’ castle, in exchange for sparing her and her friends’ lives from their untimely demises.

Not only do the actors portray their parts accordingly, but they also bring a new sense and style to this classic production, updating it from its 1920’s genesis, a kind of post World War I requiem, for the 21st century.

The actors were superb. Schroeder’s Death in particular seems to steal your heart like he steals the girls’ from the play. His soft voice combined with his cool charm, leaves you wanting more of his character. And, the stress and anxiety from the Duchess can be felt from outside the theater.

The play was a hit, but there were a few slip ups. A dropped line, missing music, and one broken light that never seemed to want to be turned off. Still, take into account the opening night jitters, the play still delivered from beginning to end.

From the serious to the comedic, Cam High’s drama students under Winterstein’s able direction have developed a cool style and an original footing in the little theater that used to be an auto garage. Despite the hiccups that come with every premiere, Cam High’s production of  Death Takes a Holiday accomplishes what all productions strive for, entertainment.


Casey Jacobsen contributed to this story.