Mrs. Alexis Ortiz:


Photo By: Alex Rozbicki

Alexis Ortiz, enjoying another day at work as an assistant principle at Cam High.

Stepping onto the Cam High campus this year is a brand new associate principal for sophomores and juniors, Mrs. Alexis Ortiz.

Ortiz who previously transferred from Frontier High School, has 5 years of district experience and supports the concept of servant leadership,that is, leaders must serve, not command. She said her goal in those efforts is to leave students inspired and empowered. “With dedication and perseverance, you can accomplish anything,” said Ortiz.

Since her father was in the Air Force, she and her family traveled to different parts of the world including New Zealand. She moved around every two years. However, since 1986 she has been a California residence. Once she attained her Bachelor’s of Science degree in health from California State University, she began her professional career. Ortiz wanted to be a nurse and then a physical therapist. She ended up teaching health for 10 years while being a co-ed tennis coach, leading her team to CIF in her first year of coaching. Ortiz feels that “everyday is an opportunity for learning” as a teacher and student.

Ortiz had a positive reputation from previous schools she worked at and, so far, has a positive perspective of the Cam High campus. “I love the staff and kids. My favorite part is taking the time to meet the needs for everyone who comes through the door.” During the course of the student interview, Ortiz received flowers, coffee and was visited from one of her previous students from Frontier. The student entered and exclaimed,”We miss you. What are you doing here instead?!”

Ortiz plays tennis at the country club and enjoys traveling to Germany and Europe with her husband, who is also an associate principal, and with her son.

Ortiz currently has an open door policy, and said she is “here to serve.”