Little Bunny Foo Foo


Photo by: Natalie McIntyre

A rabbit hiding behind the D wing and storage containers.

Late last week a rabbit hopped into special education teacher Mrs. Natalie Larkin’s room just after nutrition and terrified several members of the Cam High Staff.

As the rabbit entered through the door, it bounced off of tables, walls and students alike and eventually settled in a small corner behind the classroom couch.

Several families of rabbits, hundreds of them, live throughout the campus. One warren, the place where the rabbits make their home, is under Larkin’s bungalow classroom, T-1.

Larkin’s first thought was, “Oh that’s so cute, but it may have rabies,” and so, sent out two students to the office to get help with removing the rabbit from her third period class. The rabbit was completely behind the couch in a corner when Mr. Tom Ito, associate principal, arrived five minutes later.

When Ito arrived he called “Chuy” Cervantes, grounds keeper, and waited for help. Meanwhile, Mr. Ito started singing Little Bunny Foo Foo just after recalling a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail where a man is bit in the neck by an ornery rabbit.

Cervantes then arrived with his gloves and equipment, at which point it took 10-15 minutes to get the rabbit out of the classroom. “At first I was going to grab it by its ears but thought ‘what if it scratches me, it may have rabies’,” said Cervantes.

Ito and Cervantes approached the rabbit and prepared to remove it safely, at which point the rabbit jumped up to eye level with Ito. The rabbit began scratching the wall in an attempt to get away, but momentarily resorted to jumping on Ito’s chest, which caused him to momentarily panic.

“I screamed pretty loud,” said Ito. “But Chuy and I are pretty good friends and we always fool around like that.”

Because the rabbit repeatedly failed to find the door, the room was cleared and all the students waited patiently outside.

Cervantes and Ito cleared a pathway to the door so the rabbit could make its way outside and has not been seen since.