Fear and Fright, Not at Night


Photo By: Alex Rozbicki

Mrs. Alexis Ortiz, Cam High AP, greets and frightens in Halloween spirit, the Little Scorps trick-or-treating around Cam High.

Halloween is here and almost everyone is celebrating on and off the Cam High campus.

But for twenty-two little Scorpions, dressed up in their costumes on Wednesday, October 30, “trick or treating” was a classroom activity.

With chants of “trick or treating, trick or treating!” the little Scorps paraded around the campus going into pre-selected classrooms and getting candy, or just allowing Cam High’s older students look at their costumes.

The littles aren’t the only ones to dress up for Halloween, though. Senior, Heather Lowe said,  “Yes I’m dressing up, I’m going to be a sugar candy with my best friend.”

While some students are dressing up, others are indecisive. “I don’t know, I might be Super Woman or Mary Poppins” said Rianna Smith a senior at Cam High.

Even though some Cam High students dress up for Halloween,they won’t be trick-or-treating like the little Scorpions. “I’m not going trick-or-treating because my friend and I are staying home to pass out candy. Besides I’m too old for it” said Lowe.

“Dressing up allows people to express themselves in a way they normally would not,” exclaimed Smith.

“It’s not everyday you can dress up and be something different,” said Lowe. And it isn’t everyday you can dress up in a costume, only on October 31 .