Naturally Keen


Photo By: Natalie McIntyre

Pauline Moraveck, junior and naturally green co-president , talking about the workings of the club.

Giving the environment a voice, Cam High’s Naturally Green Club serves to give students an opportunity to contribute community service in line with their green interests.  The club’s mascot appropriately takes on the image of Dr. Seuss’ Lorax, as it serves as a symbol of environmental protection.

“If you work at a community level, you can have a global impact,” said Lauren Noftsier, junior and club co-president. She believes that the point of the club isn’t  just for service hours but for that positive effect for the community.

Naturally Green has been on campus for several years now. The club has especially become prolific now that Recycling Club has merged with Naturally Green to accomplish the same goal.

The club, which holds meetings of about 40 people, engages in various projects every month and is a hot spot for green community service projects like E-waste, where electronics of all sort are collected and recycled appropriately, as well as magazine drives that collect and recycle all proceeds.

“If you can come in and volunteer, great! If not, don’t worry about it,” said Noftsier. The club is open to suggestions from all members, as they like to work in a collaborative team effort. The club is stronger this year due to the fact that they have a more well articulated mission in working toward carrying out green community service.

Pauline Moraveck, the club co-president, said: “we’d like to provide an eco outlet for green students without making people feel guilty about their day to day lives.”

Past projects Naturally Green has so far conducted projects like the homecoming dress drive, E-Waste electronic recycling program and beach clean up on Silver Strand  beach. The club is currently working with the Associated Student Body in efforts to the Philippine disaster relief.

The club lends its profits at the end of the year to green businesses in foreign countries via a website called Additional information on Naturally Green can be found at

The club meets every tuesday in room T8 at lunch.