Cam High Comes Home


Photo by: James Schaap

Students enjoy the carnival games for the first time at a Cam High homecoming.

Excitement floated through the air as students, dressed to their nines, waited to enter Cam High’s homecoming dance.

Paper was rolled out by the entrance, simulating the red carpet and all the luxury that entails.

The dance floor was lit with fluorescent disco lights and DJ Mal Ski kept the music at an upbeat tempo. The students scattered around as they saw the carnival games, photo booth, caricature drawings, face painting and body art. “I liked how they had other things to do other than dancing,” said Tari Kurman, senior.

The games were held by, the photo booth by, and the art station by Lines grew to immense sizes at all stations as Cam high students waited their turn to have a good time. “Everyone can agree this is the best dance we ever had.”

The music was blasting as students walked through the doors. Everywhere you looked, there were students dancing and chatting the night away. Students could also be seen digging into shaved ice, courtesy of

DJ Mal Ski kept true to the dance theme, Remembering the Times, by playing songs from several different decades. On many occasions, he would play a song and turn off the lyrics to see how many students knew and sung the lyrics. By the look of his facial expressions, he was surprised at the shear number of them singing along, right on beat.

At one point during the dance the power was cut, but the DJ preserved the mood beginning chants and even singing himself.

Many students were happy with the new setup for homecoming. “The dance is seven times better than the last,” said Jesse Holland, sophomore, who attended the dance with his date.