Jumping on the Band Wagon


Photo By: James Schaap

Cam High’s Marching Band marches to the field. Director Mr. John Stava said the band’s improvement this year has been “astounding.”

The students in Cam High’s marching band gather at the black top behind the gym and run through the music of this year’s show. Singing the tunes in their heads while marching to the sounds of Bela Bartok, Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”, and more.

Mr. John Stava, the band director, is surprised at the big difference between last year’s group and this year’s group. The band is “now playing with the big boys” after a jump in members from last year’s 65 piece band to this year’s 86 piece band. Along with the major boost to their numbers, Stava said that the band’s performance scores have raised significantly. The band received a score of 62 out of 100 for their first performance,five points higher than last year’s showing.

Stava said he’s particularly excited about this year’s repertoire because the songs are recognizable to people listening in the stands . The way that the show is composed, individual pieces are deceivingly easy, but combining the individual pieces into a whole presents quite a challenge. “When I first saw the composition I thought ‘Well this is way too easy’. But now that we started practicing, it’s an entirely new story,” said Stava. That is why the band staff properly named this year’s show “I’m possible” instead of impossible.

“Every year our band unlocks their full potential gradually along the season and this year our band is full of potential,” said Paul Sarinana, junior and alto saxophone section leader. “In past years we played licensed music as opposed to an original piece. I am very excited to go back to playing licensed music and seeing the excitement in the audience when we play one of their favorite songs.”

“I think this is going to be an amazing year. We have a great group of people who care a lot about the music they are playing. I’m excited to see where this year takes us. Hopefully, it takes us to championships in San Diego,” said Devin Cooper, senior and baritone saxophone section leader.