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Senior Scorpions #1: Jonny Samaan

Enrico Magtoto, Staff Writer

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Jonny Samaan, senior at Cam High, is known to be a very sociable person with an infectious laugh and a friendly smile.

Samaan joined Cam High’s Business and Technology Academy (BATA) during his freshman year. “I like the variety of learning in the business academy, you learn about coding, programming, how to start a business, and how to run a business, and accounting.”

Samaan also met people in BATA that have left a lasting impression on him, “Federico Perciado, Justin Terryberry, Ryan Mason, and Rufino “Petey” DelaCruz, those four I’ve met since freshman year and they changed me and helped me grow throughout the four years.”

“The biggest thing I’m going to miss most about high school is my friends and seeing them everyday. That’s also probably what I’m going to look forward to in our reunion,” said Samaan.

“The biggest challenge I think I will face is moving on because of the four years, and starting a whole new chapter,” said Samaan in regards to graduation and attending college.

Samaan’s parents are from Syria and have influenced how he acts and interacts with people and the friends he has made in high school. “Growing up in a Syrian household, you learn to respect the people older than you and people that you hold high to,” said Samaan.

“When I first met him that’s when I knew he was a great guy,” said senior Kendrick Lustre. “We were in English class and he sat diagonally of me, then there was an instant click between us.”

“Jonny was very enthusiastic when I first met him and that kinda made me go out of my comfort zone, but it’s all good now,” said senior Caitlynn Ceja-Lam, “He is a very trustworthy guy through out all the four years I’ve known him and I never questioned his trust.”

Samaan wants to major in computer science in the future, “I enjoy programming, and coding as well as web design and it’s pretty simple to me and I just like doing it.” Samaan plans on going to Santa Barbara Community College, and eventually to a four year school.

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Hi my name is Enrico Magtoto, and I'm a senior in my senior year in Cam High, I think I''m pretty funny but I'm pretty sure that's just me, tell me what...

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Senior Scorpions #1: Jonny Samaan